A Word From Coach Don

“I love sports. I have always had a passion for football and basketball, and although I played for many years, I took a step back in high school and college to diversify my own interests and further my education. When my eldest son, Andrew, fell in love with the sport growing up, I made the decision to dedicate myself as a coach so that I could assist in my son’s development
as an athlete. As I worked to expand my knowledge as a coach, I discovered that there were many other students with a desire to play basketball that were limited in their opportunities. Not only did I find that these individuals were limited in their
opportunities for long-term sports programs that they could participate in, but also that these kids were limited in their opportunities for fellowship and mentorship because of circumstances regarding their home life.

As I grew to know and understand these kids, I made the decision to develop Jam Central Basketball Elite (JCBE). I designed JCBE to be a place where these kids could come together in a safe space to develop their basketball skills and foster a true community founded in respect and support.
I was never a huge basketball star or retired pro player. I’m just a father who wanted to provide an opportunity for my son and others like him to grow.

I am so proud of this program, and the young athletes who have participated. It is a wonderful thing to see these students grow and develop into strong and independent young adults. I can only hope that JCBE continues to help these participants as they
move forward in life. I am thrilled to announce that to this date, I have been able to assist at least six players who have gone on to play basketball at the collegiate level, including
Andrew who now plays on scholarship at Lake Michigan College.”



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